san jose, ca.
21 yrs old and counting.


when someone mentioned how gay/lesbian couples are finally being featured on television (kurt/blaine + cam/mitch)? yeah, it’s diversity but is it really that much progress? yes, they are gay: white males

here i am, with the redbox website open in another tab and ninety percent of the people on these movie covers: are white. and my favorite shows? parks and rec, revenge, breaking bad, the office, 30 rock: almost all white casts. i was watching the mindy project a couple of hours ago and everyone in the damn office is white except for kaling’s character and the ghetto black nurse.

seriously? where my beautiful, educated, colored people at? this makes me want to be really successful in something so i could flaunt my colored skin all up in someone’s face.

(on the topic of race…)

i’ve been wanting to go public with this theory but have been afraid it comes off as racist. whatever: forreal, most #whitepeopleproblems exist because #whitepeople #createtheirownproblems. LATINA who-was-raised-by-hardworking-immigrant-parents-who-grew-up-poor-and-keep-her-grounded-and-humble, OUT.

all the good ones are twelve the funniest drunk chicana i’ve ever met.
A healthy relationship is one where two independent people just make a deal that they will help make the other person the best version of themselves. Unknown   (via poisontome)

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summer bucket list (21)

- be the hottest girl in the 21+ venue. (to be judged by me)

- crash a crackin’ ass house party

- go to the beach and maybe touch the ocean

- ask for/receive a guy’s number

- have a guy buy me a drink because i’m so attractive to him

- get a damn job

- get hella hyphy on the dance floor when nobody expects it


- epicly dance challenge and don’t get caught

- late night geocache at least once

- add more to this list